Friday, March 26, 2010

Drive Thru

After class this afternoon, Z,B and me decided to drive for 30 minutes for ice cream from Mcd in Jalan Sulaman Shell Station.

It was an impulsive decision but we had great time and made a silly decision to park at UMS parking lot to enjoy our food (we ended up buying burgers and fries too!) and people watching.

The white saga will now have a McD drive thru sticker as an addition to Roxy, College, Road Tax and gigantic P stickers at the front mirror.

Do you have any idea what else will be interesting to stick to the car?


Mr Yadayada said...

Jalur Gemilang :-P

Vivyan said...

sticker Glee! hahaha~

ann said...

nnt bulan ogos bukan setakat sticker jalur gemilang. bendera jalur gemilang pun aku kibar.

vyan, ada ka betul3 sticker glee?

Vivyan said...

ntah la rasa ada jg ba tu, tp ko kena rajin cari la.hehe