Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sg. Kibunut, Penampang

M had organized this picnic to celebrate something she really wanted and she finally get it! Congratulation M, I'm proud of you. I guess I will not miss my Saga very much now.

M had invited me, her bf, her bf's sister, her cousins and her cousin's friends. We planned for a BBQ initially but due to our laziness we finally decided to bring junk food and drinks for the picnic.

owh, and the villagers charge every visitor RM1 per entrance per person. They provide picnic table, BBQ spot, toilet and changing rooms.

Look at our happy faces. It is so hard to swim in a river as the current is too strong and you might hit the rock underneath the water. So, we enjoy the water fountain instead. Shouting and showering under them. Like having a massage!
It's raining cats and dogs and we have to stop the fun because the water level was increasing rapidly. I guess the rainy season is coming. Thank god. There'll be complain about the clothes will never dry, newly washed car will have water marks etc. People will never grateful for what they have, isn't it?
Thanks M. You really are a cool roommate, for once in a day I don't need to make a decision. She planned it all and I have to thank you for making me feel my burden had gone away!

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miscumilkali said...

u make me cry,huhu haha..honestly,thanx so much 4 joining us..n sori 4 da lacks..