Sunday, October 31, 2010

Borneo Bloggers

A friend of mine, wawa asked me to come this 3 days event with her. We got free entrance for emailing the sponsor earlier and we are quite excited about it.

The media dialogue certainly gave me so many new perspectives on blogging atmosphere not only in Sabah and Sarawak but also Brunei and Kalimantan as well. Not forgetting all the free delicious food served by the organizer.

Unfortunately, I am not very good in socializing and meeting online friend for the first time and the obligation to network with other bloggers make me nervous, I think I need to learn on how to present myself in a semi-formal social environment, be more talkative and open to others and actually speak out loud about my ideas and curiosity.

It was a blast! Looking forward towards another event in the future.


cIK nuRr said...

semoga btemu jodoh d sana.... ;D

ann said...

ndak da dijumpa jodohnya nurul hahaha