Monday, November 15, 2010

Single or Taken

I always divided my friends into two groups.

The Singles

The Taken

Single friends are much more fun to hang out with because they have:
  1. Freedom
  2. Free time and
  3. they are ready to do anything
Everytime I have spontaneous, wild and crazy plans obviously I will invite the singles first.

Taken friends have the tendency to reject your invitition because they are
  1. not allowed by their significant other(s) to go out or
  2. they have date with their significant other(s)
However, please expect the taken friends to suddenly pop up in your life. This will happen when they have
  1. a silly fight with the significant other,
  2. a serious fight with the significant other, and
  3. they are being neglected or
  4. they just broke up
Your roles as a friend when the above situations happen are to:
  1. offer sympathy
  2. lend an ear for their problems
  3. give appropriate feedback
  4. say things like 'he is a jerk anyway'
  5. take them out for some fun
  6. accompany them for binge eating specially ice cream and chocolate
  7. be a relationship therapist
  8. provide tissues
  9. be the messenger when they are in the process of being together again
  10. be neglected when they are love birds again
p/s: Reflect Yourself.


nurul86 said...

that what the friend call n used for ;p

ann said...

hahhaa... sekadar luahan perasaan

Vivyan Rinusin said...

ann..habis sudah paper bi bah. hahaha

ann said...


Ini utk rekreasi bha

Glowy Adam said...

i have always thought that being single is pathetic. but after reading this...i think it's the best damn thing ever! hahaahaaha

ann said...


Better single than annoying.