Friday, March 26, 2010

Car Wash for Dummy

As a novice car owner, washing a car for the first time is a nerve breaking event. If you happen to be a lazy ass and never in zillion years you will wash your own car and relying on local car wash to finish the dirty jobs, these tips will make you calmer and look like you know what you are doing and not end up making yourself look stupid:

1. Choose a car wash near to the main road. Nothing more scary than having people in and out your car in a secluded place.

2. Possibly with a restaurant or cafe next to it. Waiting for the cleaning process to finish will take about 15-30 minutes, so order a drink at the restaurant and try to look cool.

3. Bring something to read or do. Novel, newspaper, lecture notes anything will do. Y0u can also bring your laptop to play games or online. Alternatively, bring a friend, this will be good oppurtunity to catch up on gossips.

4. Don't leave small and valuable items in the car. Always beware of your MP3 players, coins, sun glasses, clothes, CDs, handphone etc. Bring them in a bag with you to the restaurant.

5. Ask for promotion. A car wash in Ranau offer one free service for every 6th visit to their place. A car wash in keningau has ladies day on wednesday, a female car owner will have discount to wash your car on wednesday.

6. Give tips if your car is extremely dirty. This will avoid any revenge plan by the car wash employee in the future. RM2 will be a good amount for a medium size car.

7. Ask your friends about the rate at your neighbourhood. The cost of car wash in Tuaran/Tamparuli area is RM10-12 for in and out cleaning.

8. Don't expect a sexy chick to wash you car to avoid disapointment. It will be underage boys with high pressure host and vacuums.

p/s: My favourite car wash at the moment is MJ car wash near Petronas petrol station after the Tamparuli roundabout. So, where is your favourite and why?

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