Saturday, March 27, 2010

Old Town White Coffee

I passed Old Town White Coffee outlet in 1Borneo almost every week but I never really thought of having a drink or meal there. Then, I read quite nice review from various blogs about this coffee shop but not until L introduced it to us last few days I instantly became addicted to its Kaya and Butter Toast.

L and M drank the famous white coffee and I had Nan Yang Kopi 'o'. It was rich in flavour, good to look at and taste very Malaysian.

We went for our second visit tonight for dinner and we are confidence to order their main meals. L and me had Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken, M ordered Chicken Rendang and R being adventurous to order the Javanese Noodle. The food was good but a little bit too spicy for Sabahan taste bud. We didn't have any coffee but ordered lime juice instead, very refreshing but the portion is quite small.

I would like to say, this is the best place to have your breakfast because the coffee is great and breakfast menu is fantastic and most importantly very cheap. Kaya & Butter Toast, Omega Rich Half Boiled Eggs and a cup of coffee only cost you RM3.90. However, the coffee house will be quite expensive for dinner and lunch.

If only it's not too crowded, this kopitiam will defeat Coffee Beans as my favourite hang out spot.


ruffey said...

bila labuan mau ada?
bosan la dgn Malindo. hehe

p/s- aiyyooo, address blog kau nih, mmg susah kan ditaip. hehe

ann said...

aku x dpt pikir nm blog sdh. haha.

maka ole itu rajin3 la p sabah raf