Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ocean Seafood Village

Yesterday was my bad day. Really bad day. I don't want to talk about it now. The good thing is, after that terrible accident, my aunts and uncles invited me to dinner with them at Ocean Seafood Village.

Ocean Seafood Village located next to Promenade Hotel. It had a reputation for serving expensive but mediocre food. We had no choice since it was 10.30 p.m and my cousin craving for seafood and they had to postpone their dinner because of me. Hence, Ocean Seafood Village was our only option since they are the only seafood restaurant serving until midnight in KK.

They apparently had done renovation and it looks quite exclusive. The renovation not only on it's deco but also the menu. One minute I feel like dead and another minute I am in food heaven. They used real orchid as decoration of the dishes. My aunt ordered six dishes for us:

  • The Tiger Prawn is big and big prawns usually tasteless. I am not a big fan of them.
  • The Kangkung is nice, the shrimp was blended with belacan.
  • Yam and Mixed Vegetable is my favourite vegetable dish, I have no complains, it reminds me of happy time when I was an innocent child.
  • Sweet and Sour Fish was good, I don't know what kind of fish it is but the sauce is rich and the fish is still crispy in the sauce.
  • Mussels with dried chili is good, not to spicy.
  • Soft Baby Crab is heaven. I feel like going to Ocean Seafood Village again for more.

It was a nice dining experience. Suitable for family gathering and tourist looking for good seafood. So, how much is the bill? RM350++ for 6 dishes, 5 adults portion. I glimpse at the bill out of curiosity, the tiger prawn is RM20 each, we ordered five of them. The rest of the dish range from Rm15-RM45.

p/s: Don't order coconut juice. It taste weird.


Vivyan said...

macam sedap ja makanan ko tu, nasib mc kenyang dr medan ni klu nda terliur jg.haha

Wan Sherhan said...

how i wish i was there to eat... hahahah... teda eh brg2 gtu sini...

ann said...


itu la suka duka hidup di perantauan sherhan.

vyan, makanan di medan pun sedap bha