Thursday, May 13, 2010

Writer's Block

I spent my time playing sims 2, re-read the book collection and re-watching movies. Nothing much happened around me.

Currently, I am playing the second generation of my favourite family in sims, the York. His name is New York, his parents are Henry and Charlotte York (yes, inspired by charlotte in Sex and the City). He currently studying at La Academia University in Desiderata Velley neighbourhood, major in History. He's living with a girl named Heather, he is madly in love with her but Heather secretly afraid to engage to New.

Since my last update, I re-read the Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, I think this is her best novel so far. I love the novel so much and I am so into 20's fashion at the moment. Don't blame me for wearing furs at random time. I am just so into the book. On the other hand, I noticed I read a lot of book about China. Especially the tale of those extraordinary women who never stop believing there are better future for chinese women.

Well, the most exciting event happened this few weeks was my class won the talentime organized by the TESL group. It was a musical and this is my first attempt to write a musical play. It was fun and we laugh all the way for 12 minutes, the audience also had a good time. We sang I Have A Dream and we mimed Dancing Queen, 16 going on 17, Mama Mia, Honey-Honey and So Long Farewell.

I think I should upload the video soon, when I feel like it.

I am so sorry for this random update. I will think and write of something less boring in the future.

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