Sunday, June 6, 2010

24 Hours @ Tawau

1200 : Went to N house

1300 : Hang out with N and her mom

1400 : Went to Fajar and bought tiramisu for my sis. Went to Quong Ming to get N mom's card and went to Bata to find her a pair of shoe.

1500 : Bought movie tickets for 3 (Y will join us later), arguing whether to buy Prince of Persia or Letters to Juliet but in the end we bought Shrek. Struggled to find our way to Giant.

1600: Hang out at 'the highway'. N and me talked about our unsuccessful relationships.

1800: Went to Y house to pick her up. Have nasi lalap at Sabindo.

1900 : Shrek!!! We were the only people interested to watch Shrek that night.

2100 : A joined us at Pizza Hut.

2200 : Back to N house and having a sleepover.

2300 : The most awaited moment. Y love affair saga. Finally, Y has her own 'it's complicated' relationship with her steady boyfriend since STPM.

0000 : Stalking people at facebook and analyzing a psycho email.

0200 : try very hard not to sleep and keep on gossiped about everything.

0300 : ZzzZZZzzzzz

0800 : Arguing on how should we spent the morning.

09oo : Still arguing.

1000 : Went to Pak Amat Mee Tauhu for breakfast.

1100 : Went to Semarak and stalked N' s x-bf house. Went to the stadium to look around.

1200 : Sent Y to her house. Back to N house and waited for someone to pick us up to Semporna.

Thanks N and Y for the precious 24 hours. This is our first time to watch movie together specially in Tawau and thanks for all the laughter and making fun of our disaster relationship one after another.

Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya.


cIK nuRr said...

ada lg kamu bgado psl m'oder piza 2....wakakaka.....biar bgado jak ttp jgk kita b'sama...will miss that moment....n tq sab sudi jd driver ku....huahuahua... =D

ann said...

huhuh. ko pun mengupdate juga a.

jangan jak ko jalan lurus p papar tidak intgat3 aku.