Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun Fair @ Tuaran

Finally, the ferris wheel near Tuaran-Kota Belud Petronas station is moving.

My obses-with-fun fair-games-sister, Jamilah determined to go to the fun fair even though it is raining cats and dogs earlier in the afternoon. Maybe it makes her remember our childhood days, back when our father opened a 'gerai' in fun fair around Semporna and Tawau. We practically knew everyone and we got free ride every night on ferris wheel and haunted house.

She organized a dinner at Gayang Seafood restaurant for Sudir, Dung and me. Then, after full and feeling slightly sleepy because of the 1kg prawns, we are ready and excitedly heading towards the fun fair.

All the game is quite expensive, you'll need 2 tokens to play each game and 1 token cost RM2. They only have 2 rides for grown ups and we don't even consider to go to the haunted house because it looks NOT scary from the outside. Quite disappointed really.

Luckily we brought two best thrower from Semporna and we managed to win 2 bottles of F&N Orange and one very big Sponge Bob.

p/s: Happy 27th Birthday Sudir!


cIK nuRr said... mau itu encek span.....

ann said...

p la ko fun fair, main kasi masuk gelang p botol minuman, terus dapat!

cIK nuRr said...

mau kau punya jg....cun sd dia pny size 2.....ngeee~~~