Thursday, November 4, 2010

Discount on Hotels in KK

Do you always wanted to stay in a nice, clean and comfortable bed for a night, just for fun?
Your family and friends are coming to town and you just don't have enough room in the house?
and budget is always the issue?

You can try this few tips to look for a decent hotel in KK with very discounted price.

  1. Try Google the hotel, look for their promotion. Hotels in KK always have online booking with many discount and perks. Try: Meridien Hotel & Nexus Resort Karambunai.
  2. Always book with the same hotel. Be nice with the front desk staff and housekeeping. They will remember your name, nicer and give you free upgrade frequently. Try: Grand Borneo Hotel.
  3. Look for new hotels. They will always have ridiculously cheap promotion price. Try: Tang Dynasty Bay Hotel.
  4. Ask for membership. They will give you discount coupons, discount on your birthday and discount just for being a member. Try: KK Time Square Hotel.


cIK nuRr said...

lama mo tgu hanimun d sana...

ann said...

mesti balik sabah dulu hahaha

ann said...

mesti balik sabah dulu hahaha

Vivyan Rinusin said...

nanti kalau kta pg firefly, kita check in di kk time square ja. hahaha