Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paintball @ Suria Sabah

I do think a paint ball venue in a shopping mall is a good idea.
It offer an alternative to the traditional shopping mall entertainment like bowling, movies, arcade, snooker and Karaoke. Even though the venue is relatively small, but it is convenient and something new. People in KK no longer have to travel miles and far away to deep jungle to enjoy paint ball, we can just being spontaneous, watching 3D movie and get into action ourselves the next second.

So, my siblings, our friends and I decided to play a paint ball game a week ago.
Honestly, it is a bit expensive for students like us.

The rate is RM20 for 200 re-balls (do not splash colour) bullet, 200 bullets is the minimum package. For those who can afford more, 200 colour bullets available for RM40 per person.

The Marshall gave us very strict briefing, tutorial on how to start the game and how handle the rifle. They were extremely strict on wearing all the safety gear. Don't even think for a second to open the mask, they will shout at you like it is the end of the world!!!

We have 4 rounds of game in an hour. The boys finished all their bullet, but the girl still have half of them. Very tiring and lots of fun. The rifle/gun things were very heavy. Be prepared.

Wear comfortable clothes, the colour mark is easily remove by normal washing. So. no worries.
They don't required us to wear shoes, so kaki ayam all the way if you like.

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