Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to re-new your Malaysian passport in Kota Kinabalu


  • An extremely good instinct or a GPS
  • telepathic power
  • good stamina
  • strong legs
  • patience
  • friendly mouth to ask for directions
  • identification card
  • copy of identification card
  • 2 passport photos
  • your old passport
  • a pen
  • a novel or magazine or iphone or samsung galaxy tablet or a friend to occupied you between waiting hours.

  1. Be prepared to be frustated because there are no clear signboard where is the Jabatan Imigresen located in the massive government complex called mini Putrajaya.

  2. When you finally managed to read the super small and over crowded signboard located at the roundabout you will know that JABATAN IMEGRESEN IS LOCATED AT BLOK B.
  3. Drive to blok B.
  4. Do not be happy yet, turn out you cannot park NEAR to blok B.
  5. Ask for direction/information from the security guard who told you previously you cannot park around Blok B.
  6. You need to park at the 'Orang Awam' parking lot located at Blok A which is the opposite direction of where you are heading.
  7. You park your car like any law obedient citizen and walk approximately 50m from the parking spot to a small tunnel and go to the STAFF (very important people) parking lot.
  8. Walk around the parking lot (no signboard at all), go with your instinct and telepathic your way to the Jabatan Imigresen lift. (I walked around for 10-15 minutes to finally locate the lift).
  9. Do not feel relief yet!
  10. There are no sign on which floor is doing what business. Go with your instinct and telepathic power again.
  11. If you are lucky like me, just press floor 3 because it is a good number and just go to any random counter and ask where should you go to re-new your passport.
  12. BINGO!!! you eventually get the crucial information from a random officer passing by the corridor. Go to the first floor and read the big signboard (finally! a signboard) : PENUKARAN PASPORT.

  1. The office is quite busy. go to the middle, there is an officer passing a form to fill up.
  2. Prepare a copy of your identification card, the real identification card, 2 passport size photos and your old passport.
  3. Don't panic, you don't have to pre-prepared them. There is an overprice photocopy booth and an instant passport photo booth. You do need to prepared RM8 for the passport photo and RM1 to photocopy your identification card.
  4. go to the queuing counter and get your number for your turn.
  5. wait ~~~
  6. Honestly, the process of processing a new passport is very simple. They just need your thumb prints, both, left and right.
  7. the officer will ask you to wait for your name to be called to make payment.
  8. Make sure you wait near the counter you was served, all the officer tend to have very soft and small voices.
  9. Wait ~~~ for your name to be called.
  10. Ah-ha. Finally, your name called. Pay the RM100 for 2 years validation or RM300 for 5 years validation.
  12. You will be given a receipt and asked to wait for an hour for your passport to be ready.
  13. Make sure you choose a good waiting sit. Choose the sit next to the collection counter because the officer assume you will be near the counter and called your name with very low decibel.
  14. Finally, new passport. Brand new, smell of adventures!
  15. Walk your way back to the parking lot!
  16. Good luck looking for the tunnel and your car that parked at the opposite site of blok B.
Seriously? Please be more informative, let the public know where is each department located and which way to go!

Congratulation for the very efficient way to process the passport though!

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