Saturday, August 13, 2011

growing up too fast

When I was younger,I alwys thought being a 25 years old is adult and mature enough. An age I thought will be independent from my family and living happilly ever after with someone I love.

Tonight here I am a 25 years old with none of my silly dream come true.

A person will always depends on her/his family. Emotionally. We might be financially independence but deep down inside it is our turn to take care of the family.

We might have silly fantasy and hormonal lovey dovey feeling when we are teenagers, reality is relationship is not always full of happiness and I believe it bring new challenges and obstacles in life.

I realize I need to be sensible. Tolerate in every decision I made and I need to put the right things to say.
A temper could ruin a decade worth of friendship. Hold my tongue, think wisely, think for a better solution before I say my opinion out loud.

Just a reminder for myself.

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