Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look at us, we are so grown up!

We are so young and innocent in this picture. The whole world waiting for us to be explored.
I am sorry girls for not joining your YM conference last night. This college wireless had blocked Yahoo Messenger for an unknown reason.

You are my friend at the lowest point of my life and you know me inside and out. I love and miss you all so much. We are at the most crucial point of our life now and I wish everyone will make the best decision they can.

I, You are the most childish among us, yet you are a mother of two beautiful daughters now. I am happy you make the effort to go out and have lunch with us eventhough it must be difficult for you. You had changed a lot, from someone so depress from a force marriage to a positive thinking mother. You make me proud and give me a lot of advice on how to handle relationship. I hope you will live happily ever after with the man you love, eventhough the love come from a very bitter beginning.

N, you are my closest friend. You know me very well. I am sorry for not telling you the truth about your x. I don't want you to be miserable and I know you will discover it yourself. I am glad you found a better man. Disappointment is not something people can handle very well, but you did it. You had found your way and I am happy to see you have a purpose in life again. No matter how much problems you have, you know you will have us to lend you at least an ear.

Y, you are like a mother to us. You always criticize our decision for a good cause. I hope you are making the right decision to leave him for a new lover. I wish you will not moving too fast on this new relationship. Take your time and think about it throughly.

C, I am sorry I didn't make the effort to contact you regularly. I know life in another country is difficult and full of drama. I hope you come home soon, very soon, we need a serious catch up. You are the one who always make the effort to make us stick together. I hope you will be back and play the same role again. We seriously need you as distance is a bitch to us.

I miss you all.

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